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So who am I exactly?

    Sit down and relax as I tell you about myself friends; I am known online and in the furry-verse as Shaui, a raccoon who has a ringed tail and of course wears a mask. Though, in my dream worlds and fantasy-realms, I am a tribal raccoon, one who lives with nature as the first nations did centuries ago in this great land. Why did I pick raccoon, out of all animals in creation why did I pick raccoon to show who I am? I have been a life-long lover of animals, so much that it is certainly hard to pick just one favorite species. Throughout my life I've encountered one very special animal, raccoons who come out into the dark of night to forage, often near our back porch where we kept food out for the cats. The raccoons have come close to my life, even if it's just for food. They've let me observe them from the ground as they huddled up in a tree branch away from a large predator. I've saved a small raccoon from being attacked by my neighbor's dog, the raccoon and I just looking at each other for a few moments only feet apart. No other animal has had such a presence in my life as this.

    But why did I pick raccoon to represent me? In my mind I have always loved the idea of being able to hide from things, be sneaky, or be a mischievous thief in my fantasy world as raccoons are in real life. To some (pretty large) extent, I wish to be a raccoon or some form of a raccoon, it is as if life gave me a human body and a raccoon's spirit. This is why I respect the raccoon, appreciate his presence in our lives, and for me; have myself drawn as him.